Ultra thin Robot vacuum cleaner window cleaning robot window cleaner electric glass


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Product Details:

Model Number N361
Power (W) <800W
Voltage 110V-240V
Certification ce
Cord Length 5M
Material mixing
Supply UK
Delivery All UK FREE
EAN does not apply
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Ultra-thin Robot vacuum cleaner window cleaning robot window cleaner electric glass.

  • Wait 20 seconds after starting up until the blue light stop flashing; then start working. Because the robot needs 20sec to detect the glass plane.2. Binding the safety rope to prevent falling from high altitude.
  • Spray some water on the edge of the Mop when working; it will be a better effect.
  • When you receive the item, please get in touch with us if you have any questions; we will solve them for you.


  • Material: mixing
  • Cord Length: 5M
  • Certification: CE
  • Voltage: 110V-240V
  • Power (W): <800W
  • Model Number: N361.


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10 reviews

10 reviews for Ultra thin Robot vacuum cleaner window cleaning robot window cleaner electric glass

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  1. Alan C

    I bought this to clean a window on a Dorma as I cannot reach it by hand, it did the job but will not clean right into the corner edge but I expected this due to the size of the pad.
    It is good for this type of problem.
    However if you can reach the window it would be faster and better to clean it by hand.

  2. Steve Sell wood

    It really does what it says on the tin. Love it. The only thing I didn’t really like was the safety cord. Gets in the way but necessary so can’t complain.

  3. James E

    Did the whole house outside and in no problems what so ever used one set of pads to do initial once over and another set to do the clear and polish. Great product, the only thing it lacks is an app incase you lose the remote.
    Ideal for someone with carpal tunnel or arthritis who can’t use there hands too long 👍

  4. Miles J

    Our windows are always in need of a clean, but I cannot stand the faff that cleaning them involves. What I do love, though, are techie toys. I’m already on my 4th and the robovacs and have wanted a robot window cleaner for a while. I got close to buying before, but it was one that had a magnet system on the other side of the window pane which I didn’t think would work with thick double-glazed windows. However, I stumbled across this one and when I saw that it uses suction to keep itself attached to the window I was very interested! It’s surprisingly easy to use. Just connect it up, put on the glass and switch it on to turn on the fan / suction. Once you choose what you want to do, and start the unit, it works its way to the top-right of the window frame and then works sideways and down to the bottom-left of the frame. Brilliant! It comes with a safety rope, if you’re using it on high windows (just in case it loses suction) but you don’t need it for normal windows – especially if you’re nearby – as the machine has a built-in battery that will hold it on the glass for 20 minutes if it loses the power connection. It’s currently doing the outside of the windows shown in my pictures and video, and I have complete confidence in it to stay on the glass. It also comes with 6 pairs of microfibre cloths, so you shouldn’t run out of ones to use. I absolutely love this and will be cleaning (well supervising) our windows much more regularly now.

  5. Anna J

    I was a bit worried about how this would hold onto windows as it didn’t look like it would and having a couple of really tall windows in our house that need ladders in order to clean them it would be terrible if it ended up falling off.

    But once you have the pads added and set it up as per the instructions it really does and is saving us loads on getting a professional window cleaner. It does come with a safety cord which is a little bit difficult to use when sending it up high but would make sense if you were on a first floor window cleaning and didn’t want it to fall down, although that’s not our case.

    It comes with a remote control that allows you to send it off to the more difficult spots that birds may have made on your windows. It also comes with a few mops that you can just throw into the washing machine in order to clean too.

  6. Sparkle G

    This is one of the best things I’ve ever bought. After an initial false start when I didn’t know how to turn it on (hold the button down, don’t just press it!) we were off. It’s done a great job of cleaning the windows. I love that it does a better job than I do and doesn’t hurt my arms in the process! I’ve since used it on the shower screen which has never been so clean and the tiles in my loo. I honestly can’t stop looking at my gleaming windows and I love that it took zero effort from me! Life is too short to clean windows!

  7. Susanne K

    Well packaged and arrived next day. Seller resolved an issue within six hours. Highly recommended.

  8. Lacey K

    First it has 12 Microfiber clothes for your change.I am quite happy with this. As this shape is not easy to buy the extra one. Then I tried, I am a bit worry is it could done a great work? As I am worry about it will broke my window. Then i found out the design could work good with the window. It will not fall down. Also it is quite powerful! The window is very clean after use it. I like the remote control as it makes it more easily. Overall, It is a nice product.

  9. Mostafa

    In my opinion, this window cleaning robot is very powerful and excellent, because when I use it to clean windows, with its very powerful suction, it adheres firmly to the window glass surface and cleans the surfaces well. It surprised me because when cleaning, it automatically changes direction when it hits the sides and then returns to the starting point when I do the work. I can use the remote to steer the robot in different directions. I launched the product easily, I am happy because the robot has a safety rope, when using the robot, it keeps it safe, in general, this product impresses me and we are satisfied with its performance, and I am happy with my purchase.

  10. Lilyana Georgieva

    A wonderful product. Very pleased with the result. The robot is easy to operate and if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions you will have clean windows with no effort on your part.I ordered a second one for my mother. Yes the robot didn’t clean the corners of the windows and I had to clean them afterwards, but that was very little effort for me compared to cleaning the entire windows.

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