Outdoor Garden Pizza Oven Charcoal BBQ Grill 3-Tier Freestanding w/ Chimney


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Product Details:

  • Model: VV-LDSPSL-632012
  • Material: Steel
  • Pizza Size: 12 inch
  • Max Temperature: 500℃/930℉
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal
  • Product Size: 18.0 x 18.3 x 55.8 in/458 x 464 x 1418 mm
  • Product Weight: 40.1 lbs/18.2 kg
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Black (Large), Black (Medium)

Outdoor Garden Pizza Oven Charcoal BBQ Grill 3-Tier Freestanding w/ Chimney

Outdoor Garden Pizza Oven

Product Details:

2-Layer Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • This outdoor pizza oven has a two-layer construction for the perfect baking effect and two storing zones for holding ashes and charcoals. It possesses a thermometer displaying a max of 900℉ for temperature control and surfaces black baking paint for efficient heat transfer. It is a durable pizza oven featuring labor-saving wheels and a handle for east-moving, and a series of accessories. This charcoal-fired oven is the best choice for baking outdoors.

2-Layer Design

  • The food-baking upper layer and the charcoal-burning lower layer constitute the two-layer construction for an excellent baking effect. In addition, a carbon ash storing space and a charcoal-holding plate are well-designed for a convenient baking experience

Uniform Heat Transfer

  • The equipped thermometer can display a max 930℉ temperature in real-time. In addition, surface black baking paint ensures the high thermal conductivity of our pizza oven for rapid and even heating.

Premium Material

  • The steel outer case possesses high heat-proof and corrosion-proof for longer service life, ensuring the durability and firmness of our pizza oven.

Humanized Design

  • The labor-saving wheels and handle promote the mobility of our pizza oven, allowing you to move and store it everywhere without effort.

Complete Accessories

  • The accessories contain a high water absorption pizza stone, two stainless steel baking trays, and two durable iron carbon meshes, offering a satisfying baking operation.

Extensive Usage

  • Our outdoor pizza oven is ideal for various outdoor baking sites such as the backyard, camping site, park, etc.


  • Model: VV-LDSPSL-632012
  • Material: Steel
  • Pizza Size: 12 inch
  • Max Temperature: 500℃/930℉
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal
  • Product Size: 18.0 x 18.3 x 55.8 in/458 x 464 x 1418 mm
  • Product Weight: 40.1 lbs/18.2 kg


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Black (Large), Black (Medium)

7 reviews

7 reviews for Outdoor Garden Pizza Oven Charcoal BBQ Grill 3-Tier Freestanding w/ Chimney

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  1. Mark bradley

    Great oven

  2. Servaene log

    We were very disappointed with the product. The oven never kept the heat to cook pizza. We tried different fuels but with no success. The door is a bit clanky and not practical to put the fuel in. The product is not cheap so we were expecting something that could actually cook pizza but it never happened.
    Nu Fit was quick to respond when we returned the product but the actual refund was a bit less straight forward.

  3. Mrs Smith

    I love this little outdoor oven. It vastly exceeds our expectations. Great value for money. You do need to buy a paddle if you want to cook pizza. You do not need special fuel as it just burns small logs and sticks. My first pizza got stuck to the stone but I got better at it with practice. The oven gets very very hot but we cooked perfect baked potatoes and chicken in it. The door handles could be better; there is a bit of a knack to using them. I recommend watching the helpful video on how to use it. No gas or electricity- a winner for me.

  4. Online Customer

    Opened up an very clean and undamaged packaging box to find multiple bent, scratched and poorly finished items still covered in bubble wrap. Fortunately I’m an engineer with a workshop full of tools and equipment. I had to spend almost an hour straightening and re-aligning the legs, the door hinges, screw fixing points, valance panels and the flu. The 2 door catches had been mis-fitted at production and would never have worked so they had to be removed and refitted correctly, the flu slide was so bent that it would not slide. The flu top hat was bent and would not align with its fixing points. This must have come from the production line like this as there were no signs of mis-treatment by the couriers on the packing box. Now its built it looks “Ok” but not great. There are a number of scratches and small bents/marks on it that I can live with but its has a patina and a “not so new look” already. A bit more production QC required. You get what you pay for (its cheap and cheerful) but if you want it to look like the pictures and the marketing videos then you will need to do some of your own work. I would have been embarrassed if I had gifted this to a friend or family member.

  5. Kiran Lee

    Easy to assemble, you will need lots of wood for fuel, as it does burn quickly don’t bother with wood pellets I think they are a waste of time, i am on second outing (cooking) with the oven, happy thus far

  6. Lenonel Messi

    I really enjoy using this,,, yes it is cleaner and simpler in the oven,, but not as much fun,,, if you are a BBQ freak you will enjoy this and the fact you have to work at it to get it right,,, well built and easy to put together,,, the only flaw I have found is the wooden handle on the fire box burnt off on the first use,, the wind was swirling and it got blow back and the flames came out the back and set it on fire,,, it would be better if the handle was detachable,,, otherwise I really had fun using it,, oh and the pizza was lovely even on my first go

  7. Pixie

    Easy to assemble, instructions are straight forward. We chose this particular one for its sturdiness as it will stay in the garden and bought a waterproof cover to protect it from the weather. The cheaper ones come with extras but aren’t as sturdy as this one. We were worried that it might take some practice to perfect our pizzas but each one has been perfect! The grandchildren love putting on their own toppings! We bought two 12 inch pizza peels so that we can make a pizza on one while the other is cooking. Make sure to flour the pizza peel to make slipping it onto the pizza stone easy. Pizzas take about 10 minutes to cook. One bag of flour makes enough dough for 8 – 10 thin pizzas, bargain!! Love the authentic look and flavour that the pizza oven gives! Pizza peels and rain covers are available on amazon. This has been our best buy this year and Amazons price was the cheapest

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