Bathroom LED Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker and Demister Pad With Dimming Function


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Product Details:

  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Frame Finish: Polished Stainless Steel
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Item Length: 800mm,1000mm,1200mm,1400mm,1600mm
  • Color: White
  • Department: Adults
  • Surface Shape: Retangle
  • Item Height: 32mm
  • Style: Modern
  • Frame Material: Frameless
  • Features: Backlit, Fogless, Heated, Integrated Bluetooth Speaker, LED Lighted, Lighted, Magnifying, Energy Saving, Mirror for Makeup and shaving, IP44 Waterproof & Dustproof, dimmable
  • Room: BatColorItem Width: 600mm,800mm
  • Lighting Technology: LED
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Mounting: Wall Mounted
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1000 * 600 CM, 1400 * 800 CM

Bathroom LED Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker and Demister Pad With Dimming Function

  • Mirror Type: LED Bathroom Mirror-Bluetooth Spaeker+Magnifier+Dimmable
  • Size: 800×600/1000×600/1200×700/1400×800/1600×800mm
  • Power: 36-60W
  • Working Voltage: 12V
  • Installation: horizontal
  • Adjustable Brightness: from 10% to 100%
  • 2 Colour Temperature: Warm(2700K)/Cool White(6500K)
  • Additional Function: 3x Magnifying+Anti-fog+Bluetooth
  • The edges of our mirrors are dealt with with advanced technology to eliminate 100% of the blackening of our mirrors and smile brightly into our mirrors with peace of mind.
  • The mirror glass has four different layers, including float glass, a mirror reflection layer, a protection layer, and waterproof paint. Which is five times longer than normal ones
  • You can connect your devices using Bluetooth. Allowing you to set the mood and listen to your favorite music as you get ready in the morning or wind down in the evening.
  • The touch button on-off function works perfectly with a simple touch
  • A heated demister pad prevents the mirror from steaming up
  • Hight quality demister pad inside is with CE certification
  • Select 6000K Highlight, Energy-saving, and Waterproof LED Strip Light
  • High-Quality LED Cord-High Light Color, No Glittering, and Durable
  • Bright daylight LED illuminating light surrounds the mirror, so you will always be able to see what you’re doing clearly


  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Frame Finish: Polished Stainless Steel
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Item Length: 800mm,1000mm,1200mm,1400mm,1600mm
  • Color: White
  • Department: Adults
  • Surface Shape: Retangle
  • Item Height: 32mm
  • Style: Modern
  • Frame Material: Frameless
  • Features: Backlit, Fogless, Heated, Integrated Bluetooth Speaker, LED Lighted, Lighted, Magnifying, Energy Saving, Mirror for Makeup and shaving, IP44 Waterproof & Dustproof, dimmable
  • Room: BatColorItem Width: 600mm,800mm
  • Lighting Technology: LED
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Mounting: Wall Mounted
  • Type: Mirror
  • Era: 21st Century (2000-Now)
  • Theme: Solid
  • Frame Colour: Silver
  • Smart Home Protocol: Powerline/UPB


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1000 * 600 CM, 1400 * 800 CM

45 reviews

45 reviews for Bathroom LED Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker and Demister Pad With Dimming Function

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  1. Salik Rehman

    I love the LEDs and the anti-fog system, the only downside which has moved my vote to 4 stars is the fact that theres no wiring channel to actually hide the wires, meaning i cant really have it flat against the wall.

  2. A Z

    Only gave 4 star as mirror is very fragile. be very careful when installing, can crack with slightest of touches to anything when it comes to corners of the mirror…. Otherwise looks and works fine.

  3. Freddy Richard

    I’m in the process of having a new wetroom fitted and really wanted an LED mirror – after searching for weeks and seeing the ridiculously high prices – I saw this and saw all the excellent reviews so bought it right away …

  4. Sumit

    Easy to install and works like a charm. The heating function is awesome making any condensation disappear in seconds. Bright light.

  5. Caroline Hughes

    Perfect addition to our bathrooms. Nice lighting and the addition of the magnification makes it a must for applying makeup. Having a demister panel also important – no more streaky towel marks!!

  6. Valmailer

    Put this in our new bathroom. Looks old for the money. The speaker only supports one device. The disappointing thing is the shaver socket does not fit the rechargeable toothbrushes, the fitting seems too small.

  7. John O Mahony

    In my Mother’s bathroom and she loves it.

  8. Mr. Lockett

    Lighting – Excellent, Bluetooth – Fantastic (but keep the volume sensible for decent sound). Shaver socket – disappointing. If the mirror is placed against a side wall then access might to a problem – why couldn’t they offer the option of the socket on the other side or from below!! So close to a really good product (you would think when people do these sorts of product developments that they would identify these sorts of issues!!). If you have no issues with access from the right then it would be worth more stars.

  9. Joanne

    Great quality. Looks smart, great sound, easy to use works perfectly. Highly recommend

  10. Christine

    The mirror arrived safely. A wonderful bright mirror that has been a great addition to the bathroom. Good sound quality as does not steam up when you are in the shower.

  11. Online Customer

    Nice looking mirror. Speakers sound better than I thought they would. Anti mist is great. Overall, happy with my purchase

  12. Paul Stephenson

    Bluetooth function works well enough but sound quality could be better.

  13. Bryan

    Excellent Mirror – Light – Demist – Bluetooth all better than expected……

  14. VM c

    The mirror seems to have a slight tint to it so not that good to put makeup on, which was the whole point of the mirror really!!

  15. Mr. C P Summerfield

    Good Mirror, Good Size the LED light is very bright and more of white colour which is nice. The demister pad is a nice touch and great for shaving or doing your hair. The bathroom fitter said it was easy to install and wire up. Would recommend A+++++

  16. Rob Barker

    I wouldn’t fit this in my own home but a holiday let or rental would be fine

  17. Nikolay Yankov

    Absolute bargain for the moneys.

    Looks incredible, buy without hesitation. Cannot think of a reason why not to buy it as it’s easy to install, looks way more expensive and perfect so far (about a few months in use in my en-suite)

  18. Lorna

    It’s a nice mirror and works well, I’m not sure if they’re all the same but was disappointed to see when looking behind that the lights seem to be a strip of led lights adhesive around the rim of the mirror. You wouldn’t know this from the front and it does work well. It just made me wonder over quality and how much it actually cost to make this compared to its price

  19. Benedito Perera

    Nice feature mirror, great on wall, Bluetooth speaker nice and loud, eazy to wire,I highly recommend.

  20. Maeve

    Really pleased with the mirror, actually bought a second one because it was so nice. Makes a pokey en-suite look bigger and was surprised at how good the sound was from it. Only word of warning would be to make sure you leave the plastic corners on it when moving. Not sure if mine had one missing or not when I got it but tipped it off the sink and cracked the bottom of it 😭🙄

  21. Janette Burton

    Competitve price and good finish.
    Really bright – that we do not need to use other light in large en-suite bathroom.

  22. Kristina


  23. Joe Man

    Good value

  24. Joshua Jackson

    Firstly, the mirror gives ambient lighting when switched on, not directional lighting like some. This means that if you wanted to see into your mouth for flossing, it really doesn’t illuminate the inside of your mouth. The fixing system uses 2 screws at the top of the mirror which you hook the mirror over into key holes in the mirror back. This means that the mirror is hanging against the wall and can be wobbled about a bit, unlike mirrors which are securely screwed to the wall at 4 points. The mirror is not supplied with a 3 wire (live, neutral, earth) plastic electrical connector block for fitting. Note: the mirror has no sockets, USB or standard for electric toothbrushes or electric razors. However, my biggest negative is the brightness of the blue standby light in the touch button. If you have an en-suite bathroom, this light will illuminate your bedroom when the door is open. We have the door open most of the year to allow fresh air from the en-suite window and the standby light is so bright I have resorted to putting a towel over the mirror at night to sleep.

  25. Craig Janekins

    The mirror is damaged, it is dented on the right hand side.

  26. Online Customer

    Great mirror, set my bathroom of nicely. Bluetooth works and the sound is good considering. The demist works really well but you have to have it on before the bathroom gets steamy. Light is very bright and has three settings so can be turned down if required. The demist comes on with the light and does not work separately.

  27. John B

    This is easy to install. It hangs on two screws. The illumination is mostly directed backwards so it is not a bright as you may think. The Bluetooth speakers work well. The demist works well apart from the magnified area where it does not demist at all.

  28. Kunle Popoola

    Easy to install. Very bright light all around. Happy with my purc.

  29. Robert Ertale

    Great looking mirror, and with a really strong light and the size it is really does the job. The demister works well and the shaver point is conveniently located. I didn’t really think i would use the bluetooth and speakers, but found its great if I’m listening to a podcast or audiobook. Its not fabulous quality for listening to music, but its okay and certainly as good as one could expect in a mirror!

  30. Jeremy Day

    Excellent value for money my only gripe is the speakers are flat to the wall and the sound quality isn’t the best but it’s ok for the price

  31. Leanne

    Mirror looks nice but demister doesn’t work and sound is really tinny. I like to listen to podcasts in the shower and bathroom but it’s either too distorted or too quiet.

  32. Wiltslw

    The mirror is bright and sounds not too bad. The only issue I have is getting it to fit flush tight to the wall. It protrudes a little at the bottom and as a result it moves inward slightly when you turn it on etc. Other than that it is fine.

  33. Via

    Looks nice and priced ok but sent it back because it’s not bright enough for me to apply makeup.

  34. Karen C

    Love this mirror, got light, Bluetooth for music and shaving point. Good quality

  35. Diane Williams

    Delivery was very prompt (2 days from purchase)
    Easy to install
    Looks stylish
    Light, Bluetooth, and demister are great.

  36. Kate B

    Lovely mirror but – This was an absolute mare for my electrician, as there is no recess in the back of the mirror for the wire so he had to chisel out the wall, what should have been a five minute job turned into nearly an hour. If you are paying for installation be aware that chasing out will be needed and budget for it accordingly.

  37. Terry

    Bought almost a year ago. The speaker wasn’t great to begin with but ok. After almost a year it doesn’t work. For something that coasts this much I would expect much better. Dont waste your money

  38. Barry Moyles

    I purchased the “colour c” version. When I opened the box I noticed the label said cool white, the description on Amazon did not specify a colour temperature. However it is not a too cool white. Another review mentioned that there was no space behind to route the cables. This is true. If you’re mounting to a plug socket this should not be an issue if you’re mounting to wiring behind the mirror you’ll have to consider a spacer, if you’re mounting to a studded wall it’d be easier to make a small hole for your junction box. I was mounting on a tiled wall so I had be creative. The back of the mirror is easy to remove (see photos) and there is space in there if one’s electrician was ok to do that (I’m sure this would invalidate any warranty). I’m still happy with the product. The Bluetooth and dimmer switch have a permanent blue light which acts almost as a night light (it is quite dim, you won’t see much with it) which is OK for my needs but may be annoying for some. The Bluetooth connected OK, sound is OK. Dimmer works OK. Does what it says.

  39. David Kent

    Good value for money brightened the bathroom like in a hotel

  40. Susan Daffy

    The nicest mirror ever so rich looking for bargain

  41. S H

    Beautiful mirror, nice soothing LED and as a bonus it has bluetooth speakers which works nicely and we loved th sound as well. Gorgeous!
    *Spoke to soon*
    Moved in the house and tried using the shaver on this mirror.. the shaver is not able to hold the plug in! What a waste of shaver! Cannot even return it now.

  42. Gleeson

    Like everything about it

  43. Online Customer

    I hate writing reviews, they are so difficult… Where to start, well it’s a mirror. Its the perfect size for my bathroom but I am less than keen on the picture in it, especially in the morning! That being said it is very easy to live with (the mirror, not the person in it), the switch glows a lovely blue colour when off and provides just enough light for me to pee in the night without getting it all over the floor, which upsets my wife terribly. Once on the mirror provides a pleasant and useful light, it really shows of my wrinkles and ever expanding bald patch. The heater plate is great and keeps the mirror clear when the shower is on and the room is fogged up, this only slightly improves the picture of my wrinkles and bald spot in the mirror though. in fact somedays I would prefer the fogging because at least I wouldn’t be able to see how decrepit I have become.

    Installation, it hangs on two screws and is connected to the electric, it was easy enough for me but then again I am a DIY god. If your’e not a DIY god you should probably get help (an electrician not a psychiatrist… well maybe a psychiatrist I don’t know your mental state – if your still reading this then maybe a psychiatrist would be of benefit. To be clear, a psychiatrist won’t fit the mirror though, definitely an electrican for that).

    I bought this for my last bathroom, I have bought it for my current bathroom, its a good mirror and I am really pleased with it. When I move again (because I will, in the near future) I will likely buy it again! Unless I get 6 numbers on the lottery, then I might buy something else.

  44. Lan JD

    Good product, but as others have said, could do with a longer mains lead to help installation. Also the screws supplied, I felt the screw heads were too small to ensure safely mounted on the wall, so I bought a larger headed screw/bolt to ensure a good fit. The instructions could also be a bit more comprehensive, as a lot is left to the person installing to work out e.g. measurements weren’t included. Apart from that works great, easy to use and thinking of purchasing another!

  45. Vickster

    Good product for nice price.

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