Allcam ED20 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk w/ Drawer & USB Charger


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Product Details:

  • Finish: Powder Coating
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Years
  • Material: Steel
  • Maximum Height: 1210
  • Minimum Height: 720
  • Model: ED20
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Allcam ED20 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk w/ Drawer & USB Charger

Product Details:

  • Want to stay healthy while working from home? The Allcam ED20 electric desk might be your answer. With a single click, the desk can be raised to your standing height, and saying “goodbye” to the old sedentary lifestyle has never been so easy. The adverse health effects of sitting too much include poor blood circulation, chronic joint pain, heart attack, and stroke. Many forward-thinking employers are now offering sit-stand desks to help their employees cut physical inactivity during work hours. Why not check with your employer if you are eligible for an Allcam desk to protect your back to DSE standards?
  • The Allcam ED20 sit-stand desk includes a compact 120x60cm top made from MFC particle board (glass top also available on request subject to min. order quantity). The standing desk frame is made from steel and supports loads up to 50kg/100lbs.


Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Allcam electric sit-stand desk, change from sitting height  to standing one with a single click, adjustable height range: 72-121 cm (28.3″x47.6″)
  • Integrated 1200x600mm top (MFC particle board), storage drawer, and USB charging ports, all in one flat packed box (Warning: Heavy Box 45 kg, two people required for handling).
  • Durable steel frame, support max. load 50kg/110lbs.
  • Compact (120×60 cm) and very easy to assemble, ideal as a home working desk.
  • Double safety features to minimize any possible injury to small children: super sensitive anti-collision (gyroscope) and child-proof lock.
  • 4-memory presets for one-click height adjustment, useful when sharing the desk with other family members.
  • Quick and easy to install: The Allcam ED20 standing desk is very easy and quick to install. There are only three main pieces in the box: 1x top, 1x lifting structure, and 2x feet. It takes less than 10min for a DIY novice to assemble them.

    Three fast-charging USB ports: Another unique feature of the Allcam desk is three fast-charging USB ports (5V, 2.4A), and one of them is a type C port, the default type for most latest Android smartphones and tablets.

    Integrated storage drawer: An unique advantage of the Allcam ED20 height-adjustable desk is the integrated storage drawer, saving you money, room space, and trouble for a separate chest of drawers who need another chest of drawers in one’s bedroom anyway.

    Super-sensitive anti-collision technology

    The Allcam ED20 electric desk also features super-sensitive anti-collision detection. A gyroscope is widely used in smartphones to switch display mode (portrait/landscape), which is also used in this standing desk to sense any deviation from perfect levelness (which in turn indicates collision with an obstacle in its course). In addition, there is also a child-proof lock that can be conveniently activated/deactivated with a single click. These extra safety features minimize possible injury to small children, which is extremely important for parents.

    There are 4 memory presets for even quicker height adjustment. This is useful if your child shares this sit-stand desk with you. You can use two presets for your child and another two for yourself, so both can quickly change from sitting to standing with a simple click.

    The ED20 Allcam Desk frame is made from steel; the top is made from MFC particle board (glass top also available on request subject to min. order quantity). The sit-stand desk is supplied in one big heavy carton (130x74x21cm, 45kg/100lbs); for your own safety, please seek help from another person for handling and assembling.


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4 reviews

4 reviews for Allcam ED20 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk w/ Drawer & USB Charger

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  1. Tomas gajdos

    Desk was recommended by a friend, I was amazed how small the package was when the desk arrived.

    I thought there had been a mixup with the order, unboxing the desk it’s clear a great deal of thought had been put into shipping the desk.

    Assembly was very straightforward but would recommend having a helper during assembly as the desk surface when assembled is quite heavy.

    Desk works very well, if power is removed from desk it will reset to sitting desk mode. I assume this is some kind of safety reset. If you’re planning on using as a standing desk, make sure the desk can retract safely in the event of a power cut.

    I’ve had the desk for a few months and it’s worked perfectly. Highly recommend, very sturdy and lovely finish.

  2. Mark R

    This took about 3 hours to assemble, the instructions weren’t great. If you plug it out you have to reset it by pressing the two arrows.


    This Egresel Adjustable Standing Desk is working out great. With everyone in the family working from home, we needed some upgrades to our desks. This desk is well built and looks good. It has a lot of the features we wanted – it can easily accommodate two monitors, it has 4 memory presets, and is quiet. Assembly was straightforward, the instructions were good too. Overall a great desk!

  4. Perez-Molina

    I don’t usually like split top desks. You can usually feel the seams and if placed poorly on the desk, they can make mouse movements annoying even with a thick mousepad. This desk has 4 splits, but you have some wiggle room when tightening everything together to make the seams fairly non existent. You can still see them, but the are hard to feel through a desk pad. The wood like finish is good and the laminate is textured to help with scratches and durability. Textured is the way to go. I really appreciate the solid cable feed and the finish on this one is nice although I would have preferred the typical black to match the rest of the aesthetic. The motor is your standard affair. Not the fastest, but reasonably fast to where it will not inhibit your daily use. The motor is also reasonably quiet. You will hear the motor in a quiet room, but but it is not too loud and will not ruin phone calls or anything like that. Plus, how often do you actually raise and lower your desk? On an active day for me, I may raise and lower 10 times. The desk is sturdy with little forward to back play and even less side to side. Mine is on thick carpet so that may play a part in stability. If you want a smooth up and down experience and a sturdy desk, make sure you are assembling the desk on a hard level floor. I found out through many electric desk assemblies that the surface you build on is important. The box is quite slim thanks to the slit top design. The box is easy to handle while being quite heavy. Everything inside is well packaged and separated. I had no damaged parts thanks to good box and packaging design. The instructions are clear and the assembly process is typical for a well though out build from a box electric desk. Other than the grommet not being black, there is not much to dislike about the desk. I would prefer a no split top design but this isn’t bad. I would also prefer solid oak or another solid heavy wood, but you will not see anything like that fore this price. For the price including the current discount, this desk is a good value.

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